"The object isn't to make art. It's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable."

Robert Henri


I have been acting since I was ten years old. Acting allows me to immerse myself in another person's life. It has taught me more about empathy than anything else in my life. 

My first high school lead was in the Brother's Grimm Spectaculathon as a freshman. My junior year, I signed with Seattle Talent. I was briefly signed with a LA-based agency, as well. I am currently transitioning to a new agent and manager.

I got the opportunity to play the lead in a film that was released at Darkside Cinemas in August 2016. "Depot" is a short psychological thriller that takes place in a storage facility as a college graduate attempts to move her stuff out.

I played Governor Nikki Haley in "The Fruit Stand" at the University of Oregon in winter of 2016.

I played Estraven in the University of Oregon's production of "The Left Hand of Darkness" in fall of 2017.

I am pursuing a theatre arts minor here at the UO.


In high school, I served as assistant director and stage manager for three productions.

From 2015-2017, I produced and wrote for a online web series, Yesterday's News Tonight.


I recently added a minor in Comics and Cartoon Studies. The University of Oregon is the only university to offer the minor. 

One of my only comics so far: "flirting."

One of my only comics so far: "flirting."




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