This blog is to share with you the people I look up to, the people I meet or know, and the people I am curious about. 

Some posts will be interviews, while others will just showcase why I think the individual is incredible. 

I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I enjoy writing them.


dr. john dabiri: the john of all trades

To call Dr. Dabiri an accomplished man is an understatement. After graduating summa cum laude in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton, he received his Master's and PhD at Caltech. At the age of 29...



Dr. sonny ramaswamy: the bee's knees

Not many people can say they head a federal agency, but this man is one of them. Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy is the current Administrator for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), a massive section of the US...


SENIK: A Sharp and untrebled mind

Senik, also known as Pavan Vasdev, is an Indian-American producer and musician based in Portland, OR. He began playing music on the piano and cello, but quickly learned a wide range of instruments. His passion for... 


Dr. Jo handelsman: the woman with tiny interests

Dr. Jo Handelsman is the Associate Director of Science for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Her job is to work with and advise the President on matters of science policy and...