What's Manju Doing?
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I received my B.S. in physics and minor in mathematics in 2018 from the University of Oregon

I plan on attending graduate school for aerospace engineering in 2020 to study nuclear electric propulsion, which I believe will be what takes humans to Mars. So far, I have been accepted to the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and the University of Southern California.



One of my biggest passions is human space exploration. While in college, I spent five terms at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and NASA Johnson Space Center in the Astronaut office working on spacecraft propulsion and cockpit display design.



In 2016, I worked in Office of Science and Technology Policy at the White House. I served as President Obama’s final National Science and Technology Council intern during the last four months of the administration. While I was there, I developed transition documents, oversaw interagency working groups on everything from soil science to space exploration, and organized White House events. I also curated an exhibit on the National Women’s Party.

In addition to the work I did in D.C., I incorporated policy into my senior research project, which assessed the various transportation options to get to Mars and the politics / economics around each one.



My ultimate goal is to become a NASA astronaut.

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Media & Awards

Throughout my career, I have received the Presidential Undergraduate Research Scholarship and the Summit Scholarship. In addition, I was a Science Literacy Program Scholar, Wayne Morse Scholar, and Truman Scholarship Finalist.

I also was published by NASA on my 2015 project and in Esquire on how to get to Mars.


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