Yesterday's News Tonight is a show I produce and write for. It is a news satire baby of SNL's Weekend Update and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Our first season was under the UO's TV network, Duck TV. We are now an independent show. 

Our second season premiere went live Monday, April 18th, at 8 pm PST on YouTube.


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Season 2:

I got the idea for this episode from Dr. Jo Handelsman. My interview with her can be found on the Heroes blog. This issue is a massive one, and it doesn't seem to be getting resolved. A lot of things scare me about our future, but my grandchildren not having food is a big one.

While we were writing this episode, I adored it, especially the ending. Now, watching it, I feel like we could have done more. So it is with most art.

Kael teaches us about Syria, James Franco and his band Daddy, and Kylo Ren. Kael hates James Franco and Kylo Ren, so naturally, I used my supreme power as producer to get what I want. More importantly, this is my favorite episode between both seasons (although science literacy is very close).

I got the idea for this episode during winter term as I was procrastinating on studying for finals. Never in a million years would I have imagined the team would bring it to life so beautifully. Forever indebted to my wonderful host and crew.

Season 1:

Science Literacy. This is my favorite episode we did with Duck TV. The on-the-street segment will forever be my favorite.

Political Correctness. This episode got censored both during the taping and editing stages. Our original script pushed the boundaries much farther than what this video shows. Perhaps one day, we will refilm and release the full episode.

Veteran homelessness. I've heard a lot of people talk about how we should fix our homelessness issue before we take in any Syrian refugees. If we are going to try to cover up one issue by talking about a completely unrelated one, the least we could do is actually talk about it. If this was finally the time people want to talk about how atrociously we treat our homeless and displaced, we were ready.

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